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If you want to learn how to track someones phone, you need to try using one of such apps. Tracking soft gives access to the mobile activity of your child, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or employee. Tracking app is a perfect tool to keep an eye on your loved ones and employees. How exactly does a spying app work and what features does it offer to users? Tracking soft gives you full access to all activities of the gadget — calls, multimedia, and social networks. Parents will find this feature incredibly useful because they always want to know how to track a phone GPS or how to track a stolen gadget with IMEI.

Even if GPS mobile tracker is not available, you will be able to identify the location of the gadget. To find out more information about tracking apps for different devices, please visit the main page of our website. Android is the most popular operating system in the world. Tracking programs work perfectly well with Android and iPhone gadgets.


If you use Android, congratulations because you are offered with a wide range of excellent tracking apps, for example, Android Device Manager. This is a simple built-in solution for the following operating system that knows how to track a lost Android phone.

In Google made a small revolution among phone tracking solutions. It was a special feature for Android gadgets only. Since Android version 2. ADM is a free tracking tool offering excellent protection. It can help track down lost or stolen gadget. It might come as a surprise but many people have a vague idea of what it is and how to use it.

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Elderly people sometimes experience difficulties with understanding how certain apps work. To start working with Android Manager device, you need to access program dashboard. This is where you can control the program and activate all the features tracking software offers.

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Once you have done it, you need to log into your Google account to continue setting up Device Manager. There is one important requirement to use Android Device Manager properly. Make sure that all devices are connected to the same account and continue working with Android Device Manager:.


Desktop and Mobile Device IP Address Tracker

Note that you can easily download and install Device Manager anytime you need. Find My iPhone is a popular feature not only because these smartphones are expensive, but also because the company takes care of its clients. It is similar to Android Device Manager because developers designed both apps for the same purpose. Just like Android Device Manager, this built-in app can send alerts if you lost your iPhone. It is possible to erase data, lock smartphone, or track and find it on the map using GPS.

Apple developers have created a special notification for those, who might find a lost devices. The system is able to send a message a person will see on the screen of a lost phone. In this way, you can ask a person who has found your phone to contact you and return it.

The good and bad of location tracking

If you are concerned your gadget has been stolen, erase all data from your mobile. Find My iPhone is a simple built-in app and most people do not have any difficulties using it because it does not require any special skills or knowledge. Using built-in tracking apps is not difficult. Tracking apps are user-friendly applications; developers designed them to help you and find out how to track a phone for free. Built-in and other tracking programs provide you with extra security and protection of gadget and data stored on it remotely. Install a tracking app to see for yourself benefits and conveniences that modern technologies offer.

Great article. Keep posting. This tips will be really helpful in future. Would try these apps. Thanks for sharing such informative article.

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Hello, You explain this step by step. Thanks for sharing with us. How to Track a Cell Phone in ? Set up a password on both your mobile and your SIM card Notify your provider about the accident Block international number calls Important! Call the police and report missing gadget!

Spytracking Options

The program allows you to see the content of text messages, the number of the sender, and some apps have a feature that allows sending fake messages. Tracking calls is a great feature for parents because they can track a cell phone number of those, who are calling their kids. The app gives an opportunity to intercept and record calls at any time. It is possible to listen to the surrounding of the mobile via microphone to have a notion about where the gadget is located. Social networks. Parents are well-aware hat social media has a huge impact modern life.

Parents who worry that their kids spend a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can track activities on these networks. There is no guarantee that people your kid meets online have good intentions. Sometimes it is better to keep an eye to prevent any troubles. Tracking apps have access to applications, for instance, Viber, WhatsApp, and Snapchat — all these apps people use even more often than SMS.

Get Phone Tracker to See Target User’s Activity

Do you want to know what kind of pictures your kid uploads? With tracking software, you will be able to track saved videos, audios, and images on the target gadget. Even if somebody deleted your multimedia files, you can still get access. Mobile spy apps allow users to track even deleted text messages and multimedia. How to Track Android Devices Android is the most popular operating system in the world.

This is a great feature and one of the most widely used by parents, who want to find out how to track a phone location of their offsprings. I have not written a thing here since my previous post, which dates back to last Aug. The reason is that with the quick advancement of Smartphones, it enters its mature phase and nothing thrilling is worth mentioning, and I have already said what I want to say about cell phone tracking. But I am…. I received quite a few messages when I checked my Facebook pages last night, which brought to my mind that the mobile version of Profone GSM tracker did not work.

As a matter of fact, none of my tools worked, as I later discovered. As Android devices keep getting smarter and more popular around the world, many people and organizations are building spywares for this platform for special purposes, such as logging phone book, call logs, text messages, locations and call recordings etc and sending these data back to their server without the phone owner knowing.

Furthermore, some Android…. Mr Amirul Hafiz had sent me a few messages about the location of certain cell towers. He brought up to my mind that in some cases, the GSM tracker gives a location in UK while the actual location is in Malaysia.

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