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Track location. Follow online activities. Protect your children on cell phones with Pumpic. When choosing a cell phone for children careful parents should make sure that in addition to various opportunities and convenience, such a device also provides safety for your little loved ones. Many producers of mobile gadgets have designed special safe phones for kids. Thus, they maintain necessary functions of an ordinary cell phone and at the same time include some other features you will find helpful for children in case of emergency.

Children and Cell Phones: Weighing the Risks and Benefits

And remember that Pumpic provides you with even better parental control opportunities and your kids — with more reliable protection. It can be installed on any cell phone as well as any tablet and used easily from anywhere you are. Besides, kid-friendly products might seem too childish for kids of certain age groups. Do child-friendly tablets suit your child? Or maybe an iPad mini is still a better fit?

Smart Phones and Children

Here are several practical factors that you might need to consider when deciding on tablets and cell phones for children. Parent control is a must-have feature for connected devices used by children. As you can expect, functionality of this kind is conveniently available out of the box in smartphone that cater to children. While this option implies additional steps and expenses, such an app encourages more proactive protection for your children and ensures parents that kids are safe on their devices.

Rubberized edges and recessed screens may look unappealing to many, but they actually are the key selling points of cell phones for kids. Given the way younger kids treat their toys, a sturdy case with a bumper is a necessity. To make child-proof features even more lucrative for customers, some companies offer warranties for mechanical damage.

Most of them can survive a drop or two, but this is nothing compared to the battering a child-proof cell can take. See the Jitterbug Flip here. The Moto E5 is not just one phone but rather a family of affordable phones with varying features. Despite their difference, they all make great budget picks for your teen.

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While many budget Android devices can be running on outdated hardware or software, the Moto E5 is up-to-date with recent processors and Android 8. If you want to get your teen a highly capable smartphone but worry they might destroy it and waste a lot of money, the Galaxy S8 Active is right up your alley. The Galaxy S8 Active screen is sharp, the camera is great, and the battery is forgiving if your teen forgets to charge it one night.

In other words, it can handle a lot of carelessness.

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We dropped one screen-first onto a stone floor from five feet up, and the screen was fine. See the Galaxy S8 Active here. The perk of its age is that it comes at a very low price for an Apple device. Fortunately, this is an issue that can easily be fixed with an affordable iPhone SE case.

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See the iPhone 7 here See the iPhone 8 here. The Moto Z2 Play fits nicely in the middle as a pick for teens. Her clinical interests include assessment and treatment of ADHD, anxiety, and behavior disorders.

4 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones On Kids

Wesolowski spends much of her time providing clinical supervision and training for behavioral health clinicians and psychology trainees. Many of them are parents and bring a special understanding to what our patients and families experience. Skip to Content. Urgent Care.

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