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Download Phone Guardian Now. Lookout Personal for iOS offers some great free phone-locating features. These features are great, but what if your battery dies before you get a chance to use them? Theft Alerts is designed to detect suspicious activity on your phone.

A Legitimate Use?

For example, if someone enters your PIN incorrectly several times, tries to turn the phone off, or removes the SIM card, an alert is triggered. You can choose which activities will trigger Theft Alerts — after all, you might not want to receive a Theft Alert every time you turn your phone off. This means you can act quickly to protect your accounts before hackers can do any damage. The Wi-Fi Security feature scans for issues such as:. This feature is important if you travel and connect to a lot of unknown Wi-Fi networks. Finally, the Photo Vault lets you add an extra layer of security to the media stored on your device.

You can keep your gallery locked up behind an additional PIN. For more information on anti-spyware and why you need it, check out our overview of everything you need to know about anti-spyware. Here are the qualities we expect from an iPhone antivirus app before it can earn a place in our top Not only is your iPhone a valuable asset — it also contains some of your most sensitive personal information.

Our top 5 antivirus apps for iOS are designed to fill those gaps. Installing a mobile security app, developed by a reputable antivirus company, gives you peace of mind that your iPhone or iPad is protected.

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  • Apple advises immediate update to iOS 9.3.5 after discovery of targeted iPhone spyware.
  • 'Exodus' Spyware Posed as a Legit iOS App!

Avira Mobile Security offers the most generous range of free features, including phishing protection, data breach alerts, anti-theft tools, and more. Alternatively, for a great set of anti-theft features, you can give McAfee Mobile Security a try. Robert is an expert in privacy, data protection, and cyber-security.

iPhone Tracker is undetectable.

He specializes in helping people and businesses keep their devices safe and their personal information private. Save Now. Transparency and Trust — We pride ourselves on being the only site where users can freely contribute and share their reviews on any antivirus with other community members.

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When you visit an antivirus site we link to, we sometimes get affiliate commissions that support our work. Read more about how we operate. BY: Robert Bateman. Tags: Mobile Security. Follow the SafetyDetective blog daily as our tech experts keep you up-to-date on antivirus software 0. What We Like: Excellent protection against phishing.

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Effective tools to help you find your lost or stolen iPhone. Very generous range of free features. Some users report software bugs such as difficulty logging in. What We Like: The best anti-theft features of any free iPhone antivirus app we tested. Attractive and smooth-running user-interface.

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Ensures your contact list remains private. Free version contains ads. Every feature available for free with no registration required. Fun and unique user-interface.

What Is FlexiSPY's iPhone Monitoring Software?

Theft Alerts feature is highly customizable. The fact that Exodus has an iOS version, though, shows the impressive reach of the malware and the resources behind it. And the stakes are high. It is unclear whether Exodus targeted specific individuals or a broader group, but over the past year, the researchers observed attackers setting up phishing traps to direct users toward the malicious apps.

From there, the pages led victims to the Google Play Store or an Apple workflow for downloading enterprise apps. Attackers were able to slip the Android app directly into Google Play, but they either couldn't get it into Apple's App Store or didn't try. This approach has become increasingly common as a way for attackers to spread iOS malware, and it has also come up in controversies over how companies like Facebook and Google distribute consumer-testing and feedback apps.

Once installed, Exodus could access photos, videos, device IDs, audio recordings, and contacts on target devices, while also potentially tracking a victim's location and listening to their conversations through the iPhone or iPad's microphone. Both the Android and iOS versions of Exodus have now been blocked. Apple declined to comment. But finding an actor like this is actually relatively rare. The Lookout researchers say that developers seem to have been working on and releasing Android versions of Exodus for the past five years.

On Android, the spyware works in three phases to gain deep access to victims' devices, first establishing a foothold, then installing a larger payload that sets up the surveillance capabilities, and then exploiting a vulnerability to gain root device access.

How to remove spyware from an iPhone or iPad

The Android malware led the researchers to the phishing sites used to direct victims to the apps, which in turn led to the iOS app. The iOS version, which seems to have emerged more recently, does not rely on exploits to establish pervasive device access, instead counting on users to unintentionally give permission for the app to run its surveillance tools. For example, the command and control infrastructure was closely monitored and guarded—a precaution many malware makers forget. In analyzing this framework, the researchers say they found indications that Exodus may have been developed by the Italian video surveillance software company eSurv and a company it acquired in known as Connexxa.

So protecting your mobile devices against these things is really crucial.

And unfortunately, there's more and more of it out there all the time.

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