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What is 5G?

The network does not offer sim-only 5G plans. To access a 5G network you need a smartphone with a 5G modem. Most 5G phones are top-of-the-line and therefore expensive. They are also big — with the largest screens. But things are a little more complicated in the beginning. For the next couple of years, the 4G network is going to still be used for most things other than downloading data even when connected to 5G, including calls and managing connections. A similar situation happened in the initial phases of the 3G to 4G transition.

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As with 4G before it, there are a range of frequencies on which 5G can operate. Across the UK the 5G networks will initially be launched on sub-6GHz frequencies, primarily between 3. The higher the frequency, the higher the carrying capacity - and therefore the speed of the network. But the higher the frequency the smaller the distance that can be covered effectively and the less well the radio waves can penetrate objects.

So buildings, cars, people and any other obstacles can block the signal. Some of the most common expected applications revolve around connected infrastructure, turning everything from lamp-posts and roads, to bins and bike racks into smart objects. The most obvious and exciting revolution that 5G will help is in transport. With ubiquitous, ultra-low-latency connections it means cars, buses and roads could all talk to each other in real time, warning drivers of incidents, patches of black ice or removing the need for the driver at all, in the world of self-driving cars.

Other predicted services include all manner of robots, augmented reality, mobile gaming and of course super-fast video downloads. What is 5G? My EE app and website.

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